About the project
"Glowbrain" or "Combining Stem Cells and Biomaterials for Brain Repair - Unlocking the Potential of the Existing Brain Research through Innovative In Vivo Molecular Imaging"

The aim of this three-year project is the introduction of cutting-edge technology that will enable Croatian scientists to research stem cell and to track them during the brain damage repair of our experimental model - mouse. Apart from Croatian researchers, the project includes renowned scientists from seven countries of the European Union (Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Portugal and Sweden) whose knowledge in the field of stem cells, biomaterials and mouse brain imaging will help us to successfully participate in leading researches in this area. The main objectives of the project are modernization, innovation and education, and informing the general public about the importance of new approaches in brain diseases treatments.

Why stem cells?
Unique potential of stem cells differentiation brings new possibilities of future treatments for various diseases. Because of these features scientists around the world are under public pressure to quickly find a concrete application of stem cells in the treatment of some of so far incurable diseases. Although many ongoing researches engage in stem cells, their practical application is still far from realization. A detailed study of this complex area is needed in order to study the growth and development of stem cells, their behavior in the body and the possibility of their use in repair and regeneration of tissues. In the next three years Glowbrain will create a strong foundation for cooperation with our European partners, enabling Croatia to compete and successfully participate in the great discoveries in the field of stem cell application and neuroscience.

-    Lund Stem Cell Center (LSCC), Lund University, Sweden
-    Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research (MPINR), Köln, Germany
-    Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg (PMU), Salzburg, Austria
-    Universit? Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Ancona, Italy
-    Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR (PIMC), Prague, Czech Republic
-    Semmelweis University (SEMU), Budapest, Hungary
-    University of Minho (UMINHO), Portugal

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