University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM) is the single beneficiary which highly facilitates the management of the Project. The management is based on developing an effective management structure based on delegated responsibilities and extensive use of democratic principles. In addition to top-down decisions necessary to implement the proposed working plan, the particular care will be given to foster bottom-up principle, and to share all available information to all participants and personnel involved in the Project. Therefore one of the most important tasks of unlocking the potential of the UZSM research entity, i.e. knowledge on management of EU/international projects and funds, will be shared among all participants in the project, and in particular provided to the young researchers in the team.

In order to have Partner Organizations involved in the overall progress of the Project, the Persons in Charge of each Partner Organization together with Project Coordinator form the Steering Committee (SC). These 8 Members (7 Partnering Organizations + Project Coordinator) have voting and decision power.


  • Lund Stem Cell Center (LSCC), Lund University, Sweden
    Person in charge: Prof. Zaal Kokaia, PhD
  • Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research (MPINR), Cologne, Germany
    Person in charge: Prof. Dr. Mathias Hoehn
  • Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg (PMU), Salzburg, Austria
    Person in charge: Prof. Ludwig Aigner, PhD
  • Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Ancona, Italy
    Person in charge: Dr. Alessandra Giuliani
  • Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR (PIMC), Prague, Czech Republic
    Person in charge: Dr. Daniel Horák, PhD
  • Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary (SEMU)
    Person in charge: Dr. Zsombor Lacza
  • University of Minho, Portugal (UMINHO)
    Person in charge: Prof. Rui L. Reis PhD (M)


GlowBrain Board (GBoard) is assembled from the senior researchers of Croatian Institute for Brain Research (CIBR), whose scientific activities relate to stem cell applications for brain repair.

GBoard meets on the monthly basis. In most cases the decisions are expected to be made by agreements of the members, and the democratic principle would be very important. GBoard meetings discuss the overall progress of the working plan, delegate tasks, discuss improvements, share ideas, and coordinate the efforts. These meetings are used to explain and train the involved personnel to follow the logic and the rationale of the proposed Project (top-down principle), but in addition the meetings will serve as an incubator of ideas necessary for inventive organization and efficient improvement of the platform (bottom-up principle). GBoard reports to the Steering Committee, submitting the reports at the SC meetings.

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