How is project GlowBrain funded?
Project GlowBrain is entirely financed by the European Union (European Commission).

How were the funds awarded?
The European Commission regularly publishes calls for proposals which are then evaluated by their experts. The committee of experts awarded project GlowBrain 14.5 out of maximum 15 points which opened the process of negotiation on the details of the project. After successful negotiations, a project contract was signed.

How is the project organized?
Project GlowBrain consists of 7 work packages which are described in detail in the project application. The work packages are: 1. Coordination and management, 2. Exchange of know-how and experience, 3. Recruitment of the experienced researchers, 4. Acquisition and upgrading of research equipment, 5. Intellectual property and innovation capacity building, 6. Dissemination and promotional activities and 7. Ex-post evaluation of University of Zagreb School of Medicine research potential.

What do we want to achieve with project GlowBrain?
We want to implement the action plan set out in the project application:

  •     To increase the attractiveness of the research performed in order to gain national, international and private funding
  •     To coordinate scientific activities of the Institution as whole in order to accumulate knowledge and expertise necessary to attack major scientific problems
  •     To support innovations and generation of new intellectual property
  •     To orientate toward societal needs and envisage the research program which is timely and needed


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