Brain diseases account for 35% of the burden of all diseases in Europe with a strong tendency to reach almost 50% as the population ages. Moreover, 95% of therapeutic efforts are based only on symptomatic relief of brain diseases while direct action on pathogenetic mechanisms are vastly limited.
Things are improving - 'Year of the Brain in Europe - 2014' will mark a new era, shifting the research focus to brain. Among other, efforts of scientific community relate to completely new concepts of therapy, one of which is referred as cell therapy, in which applied cells would support and/or replace the brain cells. The application of this innovative concepts relies on increase of the basic knowledge about brain development, organization and function together with the development of the new complex technologies related to stem cell preparation, transplantation and monitoring.
University of Zagreb School of Medicine and project GlowBrain are also taking part in this global action by raising awareness on the importance of stroke research. Here are just a few examples of our efforts made through some of the local media:
- Live interview as a part of the Researchers' Night coverage on the central daily news broadcast of the national television (from September 27th, 2013 starting at 21min 50 sec)
- Report on project GlowBrain by AlJazeera
- StudentTV coverage of the Researchers' Night (starting at 13min and 08sec)
- Nacional public television coverage on project GlowBrain in the show Scientific Circles (from October 11th, 2013 starting at 17min and 15sec)

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