Within the framework of REGMED network, on 25th and 26th March 2015, two lectures were held by dr. Amy Lam, the business development executive at BioQuarter, University of Edinburgh.

It is our pleasure to welcome two new members of GlowBrain team: Jopis Pavičić, mechanical engineer with several year of experience in the field, and Marin Radmilović, medical doctor with strong interest in laboratory research.

We have to report that we pasted the first half of EU FP7 project GlowBrain and that we have submitted on time our Midterm report, report on our laboratory research, and Financial report Form C of first project period to European Commission.

We are presenting to you talk of prof. dr. sc. Srećko Gajović on 3rd channel of Croatian National Radio Television at radio show Science and Society, on 09.29.2014., with topic of bioluminescent imaging.

On November 25, 2013, our member Siniša Škokić began his training in MR imaging techniques at Max Planck Institute for Neurological Imaging in Cologne, Germany. The training will cover basic system operation from hardware and software sides, with the goal of becoming an independent MRI user by the end of the 3-month secondment.
On the18th of April 2014 Dunja Gorup, our collaborator, and Tena Miličević, biology student, appeared in a TV-show Briljanteen on Croatian National Television.
One of our GlowBrain Partner Organizations is the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (IMC) of the Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic. GlowBrain team members, Marija and Lejla had a privilege to learn in highly motivated and productive research team in IMC, with great experience in the field of colloidal chemistry.
It is our pleasure to officially annouce our EU FP7 Glowbrain Workshop "Application of biomaterials and in vivo imaging in stem cell research" that will take place from March 27- March 29, 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research.
Employment of Igor Pongrac as the postdoctoral researcher completed GlowBrain's research team and marked the completion of Work Package 3 thus contributing to the return of experienced scientists from abroad.
GlowBrain team invites you to 'The night when brain are glowing' to celebrate our first anniversary. Take a walk through our Smart Square in Lauba House on September 20th, 2013 from 8pm, learn about the project and our partners and attend the evening program hosted by Massimo Savić and Goran Grgić - let the brains glow!
Last sounds of Massimo Savić's music and smiles of the guests of Night when brains are glowing shined by the lights of mobile phones marked the end of the beginning - end of the celebration of just the first anniversary of one of the most successful projects in Croatia and in the region, EU FP7 project GlowBrain.

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