On Monday, 8 June 2015 at 16h at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research, two lectures were held by our two guest, Bettina von Bock Wülfingen and Julianne Komcsak.


Bettina Bock von Wülfingen is a cultural historian of the life sciences with a background in biology and public health. Since 2007 she has been based at the Institute for Cultural History and Theory, Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. Her current research focus is on the transition from reproduction and production to (re)generation in the life sciences on the basis of a case study on neuro-regeneration and additionally on the cultural history of visual evidence and image production in the life sciences in the long nineteenth century. She is funding member of the EU-Research Network Bio-objects and their boundaries (2011-2015) and of the Research Network Economies of Reproduction from the German Research Foundation (DFG) (2010-2012). 

Title of her research was "Mapping neuroregeneration under the perspective of cultural history".


Her recent publications:

Special issue "Temporalities in Reproduction":

Bock von Wülfingen, Bettina; Brandt, Christina; Lettow, Susanne; Vienne, Florence "Temporalities of reproduction: practices and concepts from the eighteenth to the early twenty-first century" History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (2015): 1-16.

Bock von Wülfingen, Bettina  "Observing temporal order in living processes: on the role of time in embryology on the cell level in the 1870s and post-2000" History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences: 1-18.



After this lecture, a short presentation entitled "Researching dynamic organizational ambidexterity in GlowBrain project" held by Julianna Komcsak, junior consultant in the company Hyperteam budiness and IT Consulting Ltd. Budapest since 2011. The company is engaged in the assessment and mapping of IT architecture in public and financial sectors.





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