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Neuroscience Letters (Accepted for publication April 17, 2015)
Increased expression and colocalization of GAP43 and Caspase 3 after brain ischemic lesion in mouse.
Dunja Gorup, Ivan Bohaček, Tena Miličević, Roland Pochet, Dinko Mitrečić, Jasna Križ, Srećko Gajović

Brain Research (Feb 9, 2015; 1597:65-76)
Nop2 is expressed during proliferation of neural stem cells and in adult mouse and human brain.
Kosi N, Alić I, Kolačević M, Vrsaljko N, Jovanov Milošević N, Sobol M, Philimonenko A, Hozák P, Gajović S, Pochet R, Mitrečić D.

The choice of the journal was made according to its eigenfactor:
- Brain Research is ranked 10 out of 371 journals in NEUROSCIENCE category
- Neuroscience Letters is ranked 19 out of 371 journals in NEUROSCIENCE category
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About the Eigenfactor:

The more recently introduced Eigenfactor metrics achieved an importance-based weighting of citations by an approach similar to the PageRank Algorithm of Google. In principle, the metrics estimates the fraction of time a reader would spend on average at a specific journal when taking an infinite random walk through the literature following the chain of citations. Bibliometric indicators are calculated based on data from the Journal Citation Report's (Web of Science) and include quotes from the 5-year period. Self-citations are being excluded from the calculation. The approach specifies two indices:

1. The Eigenfactor Score (ES) is a “measure of the journal’s total importance to the scientific community”. It aggregates the contributions of all articles contained in the journal to the random walk described above and thus scales with the size of the journal.
2. The Article Influence Score (AIS) characterizes the journal’s impact by measuring the mean influence of an average article. An AIS above or below 1.0 indicates that papers published in the respective journal have an influence above or below average, respectively.

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